Quick history tyrant Thaksin and the government. Threatened and pressured the Constitutional Court corruption crackdown

Quick history tyrant Thaksin and the government. Threatened and pressured the Constitutional Court corruption crackdown

Government tyrant puppet regime of Thaksin under the leadership of Prime Minister Mrs. blossoms opera Yingluck Shinawatra will know the fate of their own time to recoup from the decision of the Constitutional Court in the case moved Mr. Tawil change , a former general secretary of the sector. services at Chippenham inconsistently with the National Law . Corruption cases , including mortgage scheme Rice and Defense Committee of the National Counter Corruption Commission (NACC ) is indicating a fault. Yingluck Both cases are expected to be decisive about the same time in late April. York . Reached mid-November. York . These . This will lead to major political changes .

A situation where close Thaksin stalled , causing the network to fight the enraged even remember how to pull the sky down to pressure and intimidate the courts enactment big and hard through the Centre for the NCC to maintain order (. Sa.rs. ) with Capt. Ubumrung Minister of Labour is the director of the Center by the news that prisoners found male cats to FIG . A master plan to shut down the command itself. Which is the source of the statement . Mr. Sa.rs. the concept of justice , which the government Nitisiri Minister Yingluck presented tyrant puppet ask His Majesty the King 's decision to accept a puppet government tyranny, this series served to you . constitutional Court ruling said. Yingluck Ceases to be Prime Minister

Sa.rs. proposal was criticized intrepid daring greatly by pulling down blue indicate high, with the intent to undermine the institutional burden crux of political heat to high, institutional responsibility. Meanwhile, it is used in high pressure institutions to the Constitutional Court ruled out according to their own needs. As well as rejecting and destroying the sanctity of the Constitution entirely.

Not only issued blue pull downwards. These vocal servant Thaksin has collated different pressures threaten to shut down hitting undermine the credibility of the courts and the Constitution . NCCC is severely threatened by FIG If the Constitutional Court decides cowardly . in a way that makes tyrannical puppet governments Yingluck ceases to be an absolute bloody chaos .

Suporn an architectural identity as Mr. Wong nickname " Rambo East" , former Deputy Secretary General of the Prime Minister . And one of the most vocal shirt line hardcore ever attended a terrorist incident burned homes destroyed in the year 2553 Ceremony General Volunteer Protection of National Democratic (Tue UDD .) , That is, forces . thousands of people to the government . Ratchasima targeting establishment forces 70,000 people to signal to pressure coerced by the constitutional Court declared Suporn an indomitable forces . Property UDD . Would stop immediately if the Constitutional Court ruled against them. Yingluck Ceases to be Prime Minister

FIG announced that aggressively If the Constitutional Court ruling . Yingluck Cabinet and ceases when. Country to flare up absolutely bloody chaos .

Male cats also convicts Mr Thaksin , who was coming out to the movies by yourself. The latest release by GK is concerned, the situation is going to bloody chaos , signaling the downfall of bullying pressure of a hostage. But at the same time hinted that the proposed bargaining conditions . Shinawatra family and quit politics if the country to restore justice issues all over town calm .

Analysts believe that the attitude of the prisoners, male cats . It plays an ambidextrous forward by one side signaling negotiation. But the other side, let these relocated servant Thaksin regime , both the Constitutional Court and the operating engine . NCCC , and the overconfident unless pulling the sky down low.

Proposal Captive male cats To signal that the If you do not want bloodshed in the country , it must be counted as one or Set Zero offers. Captive male cats Over previous This means that If the Shinawatra family has to be willing to quit politics prevailing conditions there is a legislation to nullify the penalty for all offenses . Captive male cats Corruption cases , especially the Ratchadaphisek land purchase to male cats prisoners sentenced to 2 years without hilltops . 46,000 million baht , including the return of the property , the court shall order the seizure of their land back . Captive male cats As well as to condone Yingluck A sister, in all cases , especially cases that are going to be the fate of the Constitutional Court and the prosecution of corruption cases, a move Mr. Tawil rice mortgage scheme . NCC 's indicating fault soon .

Therefore, the Constitutional Court and the close date . NCCC is pointing fate. Yingluck How to Note pressures threaten threatening situation and the Constitutional Court . NCCC Surface and underground is even more intense and more concentrated to court and fighting . NCCC judged according to their own needs. If the decision is not in the Thaksin regime will need to be decisive war step by creating a scenario to chaos , bloodshed and the army to control the situation and that will come out of the Thaksin regime to use it . plea to revive the stalled criminal mischief near a white knight to extend the current alignment masses to revolt against authority, to protect democratic system. In spite of the fact that the family did everything to pieces by the devastation of the country hostage.

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