Nation, religion, king. History of Thailand

Nation, religion, king. History of Thailand
On 24 Jun 57 .. Triangulation fantastic prop that makes people survive shattered Thailand (Part 1).

Major political institutions The rule of Thailand - national - religious kings. Three struts that make the tribal people of Thailand resolute struggle against invasion from other missteps. Sometimes it is hard to invade city center, such as the Ayodhya Kingdom wastes to Burma twice.

But only for a period of three original struts. It made its debut back independence Thailand to bolster tribal solidarity stronger than all. Sometimes, as in the period of 4-5 days of tribal incursions across Thailand was hit hard by the Western countries threatened with colonization. Thailand, but it has survived many times. Needs to be slashed by some lands less. Exchange for keeping the land and security of the majority population. This is evidence that Western nations Thailand has long been exploited, oppressed peoples.

Another example of The controversial and the most dominant power in the country is at the end of the Han Dynasty. It makes China the former split into three kingdoms. , Also known as the Three Kingdoms. A Department of Shu Liu Bei. Wei Cao Pi's Kingdoms of Wu and Sun Quan. The fight among themselves until approximately 60 years later countless Chinese people die from war.

Although Thailand is a change in government in the year 2475 as a democracy with the king as the porch. By putting the power model is a three-part legislative, executive and judiciary to counterbalance each other. But regimes such Ever writhed

The main reasons Of neonatal Management uses more power than the scope persecuted people. The next phase of capitalism into the insert. Was purchased merger lawmakers and administration together. There are many political adventurer. Daredevil broken off drastically wrong as the regime has become "equally accessible" up to now.

But struts - national - religious kings. Is still a strong solid struts. A new era of colonial powers such as America, Europe, and saw two friends must first pillar is planned. Kings and tribal religions braced Thailand. The remaining columns supporting a minimum To fall into a pillar of Thailand at last to do it.

If three struts at full strength. Foreigners to come to harm tribes Thailand is not comprehensive. There was a movement to undermine institutions in Thailand on high. Supported by grants from the U.S. secretly funded by USAID and other such institutions. CIA is the real capital of the U.S. government again.

That's because the major powers want to prop the rest of Thailand is only two legs - the religion of the weak. Who also undermine religious movements. By contributing capital to the secessionist southern border bandits, quoting an Islamic principle. And also support the monks in Buddhism. Passion in the object And create strange teachings coming out.

To note that the creation of a UFO sect. And monks, many of whom have left the country. The basket gave to America, such as lean, etc. and have been well covered. The second pillar pillars of Thailand during the holidays. Thus undermining the hard hitting rhymes get together as a movement. Step by step Inferences are suggestive and foreign plans were.

During this time, America was inserted Sackville Thailand banked Annual reports claiming that Thailand is happening more and more. But do not tell people what America and the world, Thailand is the analysis of this scenario happening in the paving rot is not the government, there Csch., And co-author of this report. For others far more Stanford University School of ambiguity was old enough.

These privately funded America. Report it to co-operate with various secret funds. America's Army is the CIA's destruction of Thailand Thailand. I like trafficking and commercial sex workers in Thailand that foreigners do today.

And as an excuse to cut benefits for Thailand to be trafficked into the U.S., such as tariffs, making Thailand more expensive product than other nations. Competitive disadvantage to other countries The European Union America had been the Like pipes and drums immediately This will help avoid some of Thailand. Thailand to Europe until the election, but also to provide assistance to armed groups in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine terrorists solidly. He killed a man in the children.

It was busy but these are nothing to do with Thailand trashed. MPs in the House of Thailand, it was not. It's just politics, it would give the company control turning left and right. MPs vote buying into it a lot, it was to press the remote to those legislators, MPs and the puppet government approval. Provide the resources Africa To it joining Ukraine, Iraq now is like that.

It is remote from the foreign press. Thailand through the annexed MPs and this was simply a puppet government with the Thailand itself a political adventurer worms gambling greedy colon tradeoffs Thailand. Money into their own pockets

Another concrete example Of subverting national backing from shooter is 10 million barrel international and corporate Seri Che Pen announced cranky with the organization in Europe. By carrying out the auspicious date of 24 June 2557 as a symbol is thought to attack high as 24 June 2475 that the institutions do today.

10 million barrel jar .. gunmen recently caught deforestation, upriver in the resorts son. Evidence of timber Loaded timber To take the truck out of the center will hold dozens to a Thai corporate secretary. Liberty City's natural resources, deforestation. Che was a mainstay of the moon falling afforded mutant. The establishment also has a Thai. Sexual freedom to establish organizations Toilet tank will explode next over.

In the example country without a monarchy now. Only two of the pillars of the religion and the fate however. Foreign power intervention on the internal politics of Iraq is the best example of this. When wealthy Iraqis Welfare state almost everything has been well used as the Thailand.

The war of the United States intervened. Iraqis now seemed Women were raped, children were killed by the sect itself, other people ruin a famine food, do not eat can not sleep, sleep apnea, several million people a dead at random. Life immortality Die Tomorrow suffering than Tknrktaggepen again.

Armed groups, led by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or Isis, who had been trained by American weapons on the territory of Syria. This group is an Islamic sect fled Su Valley. Both brand new tanks, weapons and money lavishly from America. Then it attacked the Iraqi Shi'a. America's crusading paperwork Called America, Europe, contributing to the Shia sect Jersey Su fled Iraq to kill each other, so that today. Eng to fight I then bought weapons from And who can not land exactly where you took your own oil.

Religion on the people of Iraq, it is now the second risk is the risk, rather than three smaller sub groups occupied territories. Battle to be promiscuous Which side side has captured I took the car to the cart together, he threw a bullet shot hit the side of the road as not human. I then took the car to plow bodies.

Now I Silk armed groups were able to seize Tarawa and Ana city successfully. With local leaders of both the city and killed 21 people after crossing the border to secure the Al - Ka Yin. On Saturday past Making the border crossing with Syria, which is under the control of the Iraqi left, only 1 of 3.

By Dan crossing the borders of the three forces under the control of the Kurdish people. And Isis, was established by state superposition state. Limit set meltdown autonomous Islamic extremists similar to the legal concept stump Taliban groups. To rule people in the lands they occupied were killing each other frantically burning terror on the streets of Iraq. Become killing fields Fired indiscriminately kill Iraqis mercilessly.

America and Europe outcry that Thailand "human trafficking", but they are there to "kill" it, where it is a serious threat. And other violations against humanity by certain human trafficking is still not dead. But this human killing To the dead and extinct species ever.

American killed in Iraq war at 46-54 years to more than 500,000 people to kill Iraqis are children, women, elderly people, weak after a few million, it is satisfied that in the eyes of the American and European people, Iraqi them. He is not human It is not released its annual report, the "Killer Bees" revealed to the world has shocked me.

Three struts strong tribes of Thailand - Religion - King only country to be saved from the "Killer Bees" of the American and European people to resist foreign Thailand bullied me at all.

A military serpent king bee. Product boycotting them inordinately, government documents and email them to conduct landslide complaint. The organization against the government itself, pressured Chamber businesses every semester that country to pressure the federal government to him anymore.

And do not languid What country dictator "Killer Bees" are announced or issued any report. To pressure India This is because Thailand is the country that he will handle the reforms themselves. Now polls indicate the satisfactory operation of Csch Thailand. Than 90% .. so foreigners do not come Joon!!

As a reminder of the overflow celebrates Rama Rama 6, "Who are you to occupy. I have to force eject Treated, exposed to cold evening According to the UN, like his master, he will respect the name. To respect the house and do not mean I must be tired physically tough. I would be embarrassed over the whole earth ".

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