Joe religious behavior can not fear hell, and legal? Out of Prof. Jonathan public forum! Joe!

Joe religious behavior can not fear hell, and legal? Out of Prof. Jonathan public forum!

Reverse "discourse" King equations.

From.. Problems within Wat Saket. Have resolved amicably
To.. The problem within my department. Let me fix

Create King equations as "Joe" of the clergy Thailand cheers.

Buddha Chinnawong
(Somsak equipment NISMO Pali 9 Ph.D., professor).

Wat Ram Pitchaya YATTIKA
Vice-President of the primate center MCU.

There is nothing to admire in the attention to the burden engaged Buddhism. When a problem comes up Buddha's family can not ignore. But there is "strong" force behind the scenes running the entire page. Night and day Both in and outside the temple Wat Phichaiyat. Both speak and send cards to play, etc. is something that must be called. I have a cousin of King equations. That lucky to hundreds of.

If the musical "a brain" the King Somsak "this" would not be a waste of Japan these tractors. raging unchecked like brawl To avoid damage to escalate throughout Both private and public Drag out to be tarnished by his parents. But damn this category usually well as cliché that "there is no virtue. Always a favorite of Dame Times. Bounder is often a kind of authority, "the dirty mind of melodious. I see sisters share the same roof at Wat is the enemy. Look the same father with eyes fiendishly think slaughter, to hold him prisoner in jail.

If this one does not feel victimized. Somsak King Sir utter Or somebody On his hit "musical" that it is not wrong or wrong is not clear, then why not ask, "Are you Thongchai" see what was musical drag them into jail. How does it feel And if you own "hit" I will endure it would be arbitrary or musical stepped out to fight?

Throughout the past Until today Those with the power of the Supreme Sangha Council. Since the temple down the estuary. Including Somsak King Vice King utter etc. all every person. Different spells that surfing "Illegal silk - the discipline to defrock or not."

But.. No one asked. Ethics - ethics at all!

Nobody asked that Sir musical behavior From past to present The speckled throughout The house is borderline illegal Sir, it justifies the musical will be held positions. Is it? What do you still prefer considered. "Musical is the most appropriate" in the Buddhist Thailand, whether the property privately or at public behavior. Ranging from Wat arrived Sothon. Or count to the US here at all!

When you did not ask Buddhist society will also be asked about whether the King's Majesty's Deputy Director Sangha Association. Governing authority ecclesiastical Thailand. All of it all You shoot a few A moral superiority over the clergy in any level. The dignity and ruled the country for dictatorship.

If not, the current "not musical" today to raise. "No, Sir, utter - No King equations, etc." go there because he was a Buddhist monk and you are not looking. But he looked like you Politicians love to

It was thrilling to Naha And do not think it's impossible.

I do not believe as you wish!




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